Mykola Samila

Front End web developer

About me

I've been in the area for more than 10 years now. At first, creating small websites about me and my likes using just HTML and CSS, then creating fan forums to find people with likes similar to mine. Then the website for our rock band using WordPress, and finally my first commercial experience by building custom themes for CMS'.

Later, the desire to make this my full-time job, moving to another city, my first large project experience, always-learning style of life, hackathons, tech conferences, dive into mobile development, first interviews in the role of the interviewer, first leading role, new frameworks to learn, new exciting people to collaborate with, new ideas to brainstorm. Now I am a front-end developer with experience in building complex UI, communicating with the back-end, and the ability to design things myself when UI/UX experts aren't available.

I got into therapy as a way of self-improvement and understanding the people around me. It caught me so tightly that I started studying it thoroughly, to be able to guide others in the world of self-exploration. I love communicating with animals because of their purity and openness, I find my lovely dog the most honest individual I know.

When off the keyboard I can be found on the racetrack, at a swimming pool, or out there, exploring the world


The projects I was working on these years

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If you want to connect, you can send me a message here, or find me on social media.